In August 2010, the members of the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan announced a change in import duties.



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Commission of the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, Decision dated 16 July 2010, N328, О применении тарифных льгот, полного освобождения от таможенных пошлин, налогов, а также продлении сроков временного ввоза и применении отдельных таможенных процедур при ввозе гражданских пассажирских самолетов (On the application of tariff privileges, full exemption from customs duties and taxes, as well as the extension of the time for temporary import and the application of certain customs procedures for the import of civilian passenger aircraft),

Inception date: 19 Aug 2010 | Removal date: open ended

Import tariff

The Commission of the Customs Union decided to eliminate the import duties on the imported aircrafts from 19 August 2010 (The Commission Decision16 July 2010 #328 ) which have from 50 to 300 chairs (before that 20% import tariff rate applied to this type of aircrafts). The zero tariff rate will be only applicable to the aircrafts imported till the end of 2018 according to the contracts which will be made by 2014.
The relatively high import tariffs on aircrafts is a way to protect Russian domestic producers. However, after the creation of the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan the situation has changed. Thus, Belarus and Kazakhstan had had 0 import tariff rate for the import of aircrafts as they do not have their own production. Therefore, during the negotiations on the Customs Union Russian Federation made concessions with regard to certain aircrafts and cancelled the import tariffs on them.
This desicion was added on 20 September 2010 by the Commission decision # 411.