In September 2010, the government of Russia announced a subsidy to agricultural producers. 



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Russian Federation government decree 727 from 14 September 2010. О предоставлении в 2010 году субсидий из федерального бюджета открытому акционерному обществу "Российские железные дороги" на компенсацию потерь в доходах, связанных с установлением исключительных тарифов на перевозку зерна и продуктов мукомольно-крупяной промышленности (On granting subsidies from the federal budget in 2010 to the Russian Railways open joint stock company to compensate for losses in revenues related to the establishment of exceptional tariffs for the transportation of grain and flour and cereals products).

Inception date: 20 Sep 2010 | Removal date: 31 Dec 2010

Production subsidy

With a Decree #727 dated 4 September 2010, the Federal Government of the Russian Federation allocated up to 2 billion rubles (USD 65 million) from the 2010 federal budget to compensate the state-owned Russian Railways for loss of income resulting from lower transportation tariffs for the Russian producers of grain and flour products. 

More specifically, the Russian Railways has been ordered to implement a 30% discount when transporting grain and grain mill products over more than 1100 kms from Siberia to the railway stations of Volga, North-Western and Central Federal Districts. The same products transported over 300 kms from stations in North Caucasus and Southern Federal District qualify for a 50% discount.  Grains, predominantly wheat, are grown in all the originating federal districts of Russia, while destination districts are the ones with access to the high seas and land borders with Europe and Kazakhstan.