In May 2009, the Federal Veterinary and Sanitary Control of Russia announced new SPS measures on used cars imported into Russia.



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Original legislation: Federal Veterinary and Sanitary Control of Russia. 2009. Перечень подкарантинной продукции (подкарантинного материала, подкарантинного груза), подлежащей государственному карантинному фитосанитарному контролю (The list of quarantine products (quarantine material, quarantine cargo), subject to the state quarantine phytosanitary control)

Opinion piece on the measure: Arsyuhin,Evgenii. Udarim neparnym shelkopryadom po inomarkam. Veterinary vzyalis' pomogat' otechestvennomu avtopromu. 14 July 2009. Available at

Inception date: 15 Jul 2009 | Removal date: 01 Oct 2009
Still in force

Sanitary and phytosanitary measure

Starting 15 July 2009, the Russian SPS authorities extended the list of the goods that are mandatory for quarantine and phytosanitary control (SPS measures) to include used light vehicles, tractors and buses. The measure increased the import price of used cars, to the possible advantage of the Russian carmaker AvtoVaz.

The government claimed that the decision came after the Russian customs identified more than 4,000 vehicles in 2007-2008 containing soils, as well as dead and live insects posing SPS risks upon import.

Russian media reported that automobile importers brought the case to the attention of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, which concluded the SPS authorities actions contradict Russian competition law. The Federal Veterinary and Sanitary Control complied with the FAS decision and cancelled the requirement starting 1 October 2009.