In March 2010, the government of Russia announced a change in production support.



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Chernysheva, Viktoriya.Ul'yanovskie vlasti doplatyat 50 tysyach rublei zhelayushim priobresti avtomobil' UAZ. From 17 February 2010. Avaliable from < >

Inception date: 08 Mar 2010 | Removal date: open ended

Production subsidy

By mid-February 2010 another pilot project of car scrappage was prepared in one of the Russian states (Ul'yanovskaya oblast) to support the car production of its car plant UAZ. The old car can exchanged at the official dealer centre on the new car produced by UAZwith the compensation of 50,000 rubles (1,670 US dollars) from the regional budget. This compensation together with another 50,000 rubles which will be given through the federal programme is 100,000 rubles (3,340 US dollars) discount on production of UAZ.
As a part of the Russian car industry support policy, the Russian government announced that owners of light cars older than 10 years (the person has to own a car for more than 1 year) could receive a subsidy of 50,000 rubles if they purchased a new car produced in Russia. There are no special requirements about the old car that can be scrapped under the new scheme. The measure is effective as from 8 March 2010. The Government has assigned 11 billion Russian rubles (250 million Euros) from the state budget.