In March 2010, the government of Kazakhstan announced a change in financial export support.



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?Corporation for Export Development and Promotion? (KAZNEX ) website. Available from < >

Kazakh government to reimburse local producers for promotion of export products , 20 January 2010, Interfax: Kazakhstan General Newswire KAZWIR

Inception date: 02 Mar 2010 | Removal date: open ended

Export subsidy

«Corporation for Export Development and Promotion» (KAZNEX ) has developed the list of mechanisms of the state support of exporters (in the form of compensation of expenses for a number of actions) which has successfully taken place now discussion in the Government and Republic Kazakhstan Parliament.
According to the list, compensation of expenses of the enterprises is supposed on following actions:
Compensation of expenses for research and development of the new products,
·Compensation of expenses for training of experts of the enterprises,
·Compensation of expenses for web site creation and start,
·Compensation of expenses for carrying out of marketing research, that is expenses on fee of the involved local or foreign company or the expert; own expenses: travel, accommodation and food in the country of interest, expenses on purchase and translation from a foreign language of the carried out research;
·Compensation of expenses for opening a representation / representative, show rooms, offices abroad, including single payment for the purchase of equipment and furniture, payment of rent of the areas/premises and municipal expenses on the first and second years;, advertising spending in the representation country, regardless of whether undertaken if such actions on its own or through an advertising agency;
·Compensation of expenses for the manufacture of product catalogs (expenses on gathering of the information and catalogue preparation, a directory, the directory, regardless of their own or through the services of a consulting company, expenses on services of design, layout and printing; expenses on transfer into Kazakh and foreign languages);
·Compensation of expenses for branding Kazakhstani products, such as expenses on services of the involved Kazakhstan professional company; expenses on registration of the trade mark, a brand; expenses on advertising in branch Kazakhstan and foreign magazines, specialised editions of airlines, etc.;

It also discusses the mechanism of providing "grants to exporters:
· Compensation of expenses, based on the approved upper limits;
· Compensation of expenses, based on the percentage (100% or partial refund);
· Compensation of expenses, based on business size (large, medium, small).
«Corporation for Export Development and Promotion», JSC is a new development institute established on the basis of «Center for Marketing and Analytical Research», JSC in accordance with Resolution of Board of Directors, the «Kazyna» Sustainable Development Fund, JSC (the only shareholder), dated November 14, 2007.