In April 2010, the government of Indonesia announced a change in export taxation.



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Ministry of Industry, Indonesia Reviews, 16 April 2010 (

Official Regulation 67/PMK.011/2010 (in Bahasa Indonesia):

Official amendment 128/PMK.011/2011 of Regulation 67/PMK.011/2010 (in Bahasa Indonesia):

Inception date: 01 Apr 2010 | Removal date: 30 Apr 2012

Export tax

Under Decree No. 67/2010, dated 1 April 2010, the Finance Ministerimposes a 5% tax on cocoa beans exported at prices between US$2'000 andUS$2'750 per ton. This tax is increased to 10% for beans sold for morethan US$2'750 per ton.
Indonesia being the third largest cocoa producer (after Ivory Coast and Ghana) and also being Asia's second largest cocoa grinder (after Malaysia), commercial interests of importing countries of Indonesian cocoa beans are likely to be harmed by this tax.
The decree included also export tax provisions on rattan, leather, timber, as well as crude palm oil and its derivatives. A detailed list of the taxes is available in the appendix of the regulation.
This given regulation replaced 223/PMK.011/2008 (cf. Related Measures) which did not cover cocoa beans. As the export tax for crude palm oil and its derivatives has been reduced for certain ranges, this measure replaces the old one.
The measure was amended on 16 May 2012 by regulation 75/2012 (cf. Related Measures) and is therefore no longer implemented.
Furthermore, as the export tax on crude palm oil is being updated almost every month, a separate measure for the changes has been created (cf. Related Measures).