In July 2016, the government of Canada announced a change in import formalities.



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Import-related non-tariff measure, nes

On July 13, 2016 leaders of the Canadian dairy-processing industries concluded negotiations over the country's dairy system. Noting that the agreement in principle was to be submitted to industry constituents for ratification, and that its anticipated implementation date was September 1, 2016, Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) characterized it as including 'the creation of an ingredient strategy' and observed that ''t'he highlights of the agreement will be made public after its final ratification.'
As of May 2017, the DFC had not posted any further details on the terms of the agreement. On September 12, 2016 a coalition of private organizations representing the dairy industries of Australia, the European Union, Mexico, New Zealand and the United States signed a letter to their respective trade ministers expressing their 'deep concern' that by this agreement 'Canada is contravening both its WTO and NAFTA trade obligations and undermining the intent of the pending TPP and CETA trade agreements.' According to these groups, the agreement 'both favors the substitution of Canadian domestic origin dairy ingredients for dairy ingredients imported from our countries, and subsidizes the export of Canadian dairy products to unfairly compete with our products in third country markets.' The groups asked their authorities 'to initiate a WTO dispute settlement proceeding to challenge this Agreement, once its details are announced, given its intended erosion of trading conditions in place at the time Canada negotiated prior trade commitments.' GTA is unable to evaluate the terms of the agreement in principle so long as its details remain undisclosed.