In April 2016, the government of China announced a change in import duties.



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Ministry of Finance notice on State Council of China, Shui Wei Hui '2016' No. 2 of 16 March 2016 (English version no attachment):

Ministry of Finance notice 20162 of 16 March 2016 (Chinese version):

Ministry of Finance notice 20113 (Chinese version):

Inception date: 08 Apr 2016 | Removal date: open ended

Import tariff

On 8 April 2016, the State Council of China issued circular Shui Wei Hui '2016' No. 2 adjusting the import duty on a number of items brought into the country for personal use. This action is related to a relaxation of import allowances for personal use via e-commerce implemented on the same day (see related measure). The rates described below will also apply to foreign goods ordered online with a value exceeding the limits established in that relaxation.
Hereto, the subject goods have been merged from four groups of products into three groups of products, each with their own import tariff. The reclassification impliesan increase of the import tariff on books, newspapers, journals, educational video materials; computers, video camcorders, digital cameras and other information technology products; food and beverage; gold and silver; furniture; toys, game product, and festival articles or other entertainment articles from 10% to 15%.
On sporting goods (excluding golf balls and equipment), fishing supplies; textiles and manufactured goods; video cameras and other electrical appliances; and bicycles the duty is set at 30%, more or less increased from 20%.
On tobacco, alcohol; precious jewellery and jade jewellery; golf balls and equipment; luxury watches; and cosmetics the duty is increased from 30% or 50% to 60%, depending on the subject good.
The four groupssurpassed by this regulation were initially introduced by Shui Wei Hui '2011' No. 3.