In January 2012, the government of Germany announced a change in production support.



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Letter from the EC to Germany, 23.11.2011 (SA.33486)

Letter from the EC to Germany, 14.12.2015 (SA.43008)

SA.46341. Scheme on funding for transhipment facilities for combined transport of non-federal companies :

Inception date: 01 Jan 2012 | Removal date: 31 Dec 2021

Production subsidy

 On 23 November 2011, the European Commission approved the prolongation of the German transhipment facilities scheme with a reduced aid intensity.
The prolongation is targeted for the years 2012 until 2015. According to paragraph 3 of the letter from the EC to Germany, "The objective of the scheme is to develop combined transport in order to achieve a traffic shift of freight from road transport to other modes of transport and thereby help to achieve the national and EU targets of reduction of emissions. The aid scheme subsidizes the construction or extension of private intermodal terminals".
With the prolongation in place, more stringent funding criteria shall be applied (par. 4a). Furthermore, an aid intensity cap of 33 EUR per loading unit was introduced (4b) and the general maximum aid intensity was reduced from 85 to 80% (4d).
The Commission assessed "that the beneficiaries are relieved under the notified scheme through State resources from one part of the costs they would normally have to bear themselves. Consequently, the financial support of the state to strengthen its position against competing infrastructure in the Union and therefore has potentially distorting effects, as the market for the operation of intermodal terminals is characterized by competition and the different types of intermodal terminals with terminals in other Member States are in competition. The aid thus affects trade between Member States". Nevertheless, the prolongation was deemed compatible with the single market.
On 14 December 2015, the Commission approved the prolongation of the scheme for another year.


On 4 January 2017, the Commission approved the prolongation of the scheme for another 5 years.