In February 2010, the government of Ukraine initiated a new safeguard investigation.



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On February 17, 2010, the Ukrainian Interdepartmental Commission of Foreign Trade inititated a safeguard investigation concerning imports of ferro-manganese containing by weight more than 2 per cent of carbon (except ferro-manganese granule size not more than 5 mm and the mass fraction of manganese over 65 per cent) and ferro-silico-manganese. The goods subject to investigation are classified under the following HS codes: 7202.1180 and 7202.3000. This follows the application lodged by the Ukrainian Association of Ferroalloys and other electro-metallurgical products, acting on behalf of JSC "Nikopol FerroalloyPlant", JSC "Zaporizhzhya Ferroalloy Plant" and JSC "Stakhaniv Ferroalloy Plant", which 100% of the domestic production of the subject goods.
According to the UN Comtrade database, in 2009 the following countries exported goods classified under HS codes 7202.11 and 7202.30 to Ukraine with a trade value over the GTA threshold of USD 1 million: Macedonia, South Africa, South Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, India, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, China and Bahrain.
On October 15, 2010, the Ukrainian Interdepartmental Commission of Foreign Trade introduced a notice of extension of the investigation for 60 more days, starting from October 28, 2010.n ("Uriadovyi Courier" newspaper #201 from 28 October 2010).
On December 14, 2010, the Ukrainian Interdepartmental Commission of Foreign Trade decided to terminate the investigation without imposing any duty (Decision No -248/2010/4402-29 of 14.12.2010). The reason for termination is that during the period of investigation, imports into Ukraine of ferroalloys regardless of country of origin or export was not carried out in such quantities and under such conditions that have caused or are threatening to cause injury to a domestic industry. This decision entered into force on December 25, 2010.