In June 2016, the government of Brazil announced a change in import duties.



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Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade, press release of 24 June 2016 concerning Resolution No. 49 of 24.06.2016:

Camex resolution No. 49 of 23 June 2016, published in the Official Gazette of 24 June 2016:

Inception date: 24 Jun 2016 | Removal date: 31 Dec 2018

Import tariff

On 24 June 2016, the Brazilian Foreign Trade Council (Camex) issued Resolution No. 49 which revised the list of auto parts not produced in Mercosur by including 46 new products to the auto parts list. These 46 products benefit from decreased import tariffs. Depending on the product, the import tariff is reduced from 18%, 16% and 14% to only 2%.

The auto parts list is regulated by Camex resolution no. 61/2015 and 116/2014 which regulates the import tariff of such products and is based on the 38th Additional Protocol of the Economic Complementation Agreement (ACE) between Brazil and Argentina.
Affected trading partners are identified based on UN Comtrade's import data from 2014.

On 17 December 2018, the Brazilian Foreign Trade Council has adopted Resolution 102 revoking this Resolution as of 1 January 2019 (please, see related state acts).