In April 2016, the British government announced a change in the price advantage granted to domestic producers in certain public tenders.



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Inception date: 03 Apr 2016 | Removal date: open ended

Public procurement preference margin

 On 3 April 2016, the UK government announced in a press release that it had further tightened the procurement guidelines for steel. After previously requiring government agencies to take account of the "true value of UK steel" (cf. Related Measures), now all public institutions will be require to take into account selection criteria that are meant to benefit UK steel manufacturers.
According to the press release, these selection criteria shall include "responsible sourcing, the training suppliers give to their workforce, carbon footprint, protecting the health and safety of staff and the social integration of disadvantaged workers.
"This will allow buyers across all major projects to take into account the true value of British steel, including its social impact. Contractors working for the public sector will also be required to advertise their requirements for steel so that UK firms can compete."
Furthermore, the government announced in the press release that it will create "a list of approved steel suppliers (...) which will help to ensure a level playing field for those suppliers who meet the criteria".
This measure is one of many steps undertaken by the British government in recent years to rescue the faltering steel industry (cf. Related Measures).