In March 2010, the government of Russia announced a change in the technical requirements for goods market entry.



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Inception date: 01 Mar 2010 | Removal date: open ended

Import licensing requirement

From 1 March 2010 the importers of alcohol production will be able to receive general import licenses. This general license will reduce the amount of documents which are necessary to get a permission for alcohol import. Before the introduction of this state measure, importers had to receive a permission for each separate contract. From 1 March importers would be issued licenses for total volumes of alcohol products they plan to import and they also will have the right to chose the country of import.
It is important to emphasize that Russia's market of alcohol production is well protected.
According to Rosstat, vodka and liquor products manufacturing in Russia during 2008 has reduced by 7.3%, down to 112.7 million decaliters. Production of grape wineswas almost at the same level and reduced only by 0.2%. During 2008 fruit wines were produced by 7.3% more. Champagne and sparkling wines have lost 6.9% of their volume produced in 2008. Only cognacs find themselves better as before: annual growth was equal to 27.7%.