In February 2010, the government of Indonesia announced a change in import formalities.



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Inception date: 13 Jun 2010 | Removal date: 11 Sep 2015

Import-related non-tariff measure, nes

On 3 February 2010, the director general for agro and chemical industries at the Ministry of Industry, Benny Wachyudi, announced that the Ministry is planning to tighten regulations on import of machines, tools and ingredients needed for optical disc production.
Mr Wachyudi said that there were no regulations limiting the production of discs, which has supported the massive reproduction and distribution of pirated CDs, DVDs and VCDs.
According to the Ministry of Industry the police had asked the Ministry to review the existing policy on the issuance of permits for disc production and import as most discs sold in Indonesia had no tax stickers.
The necessary law was passed through regulation 11/M-DAG/PER/3/2010 by the Ministry of Trade on 15 March 2010 and came into force 90 days later, i.e. on 13 June 2010. The regulation requires importers of the machines, tools and ingredients used in the optical disc production to obtain a special license as Registered Importers of Optic Disk ("IT Cakram Optik") from the General Directorate for Foreign Trade at the Trade Ministry. The process cannot last more than seven work days but the license needs to be renewed every four years.
The Ministry marginally eased the process of licensing through regulation 35/M-DAG/PER/5/2012, which came into force on 1 June 2012.
On 28 September 2015, the Indonesian Ministry of Trade published regulation 76/M-DAG/PER/9/2015 revoking the regulations listed in this measure. Hence, this measure is no longer classified as active. The anullment is part of the reform package announced by the Indonesian president on 9 September 2015 (cf. Related Measures).