In March 2016, the Counicl of the Eurasian Economic Union announced a change in import duties.



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Import tariff

Resolution No. 28 of 15 March 2016 of the Board (Collegium) of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) approved a draft version of a decision of the EEC Council, proposing raw sugar cane customs concessions for Belarus. 

Concretely, Resolution No. 28 proposed to exempt from the payment of import fees the imported into the Republic of Belarus until 31 December 2016 raw sugar cane classified under subheadings 1701 13 and 1701 14 for industrial processing into the territory of the Republic of Belarus with volume not exceeding 160.0thousand tons. In order to obtain this concession, the Government of the Republic of Belarus guarantees that the imported for industrial processing raw sugar cane as well as the white sugar produced from it will not be redirected to the territory of other member States of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Resolution No. 28 comes into force 10 calendar days from the date of its publication on the website of the EEC. The document was published on 16 March 2016. As a next step, the EEC Council must decide on the case because it concerns sensitive goods, namely sugar. In addition, all Member States of the Eurasian Economic Union must unanimously agree.
The GTA will follow and report the new development concerning this case.