In February 2016, the government of the Russian Federation announced a change in private-sector financial support.



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Inception date: 15 Feb 2016 | Removal date: 16 Jul 2016

Interest payment subsidy

On 15 February 2016 the Russian Government approved Resolution No. 225-p. It forms part of the State Programme for Development of Agriculture and Regulation of the Markets of Agricultural Products, Raw Materials and Food for 2013-2020 ('the programme').

Resolution No. 225-p allocates 25.8 billion Russian Roubles (ca. 338.38 million USD). The subsidies under Resolution No. 225-p, are to co-finance the expenditure of 78 subjects (top administrative units) of the Russian Federation, related to reimbursement of interest on investment credits which target the development of animal husbandry, the related to it processing activities, infrastructure and logistics.
Resolution No. 225-p does not specify under the framework of whichsub-program of the programme the subsidies are to be granted. However,it may be expected they to be allocated as part of the sub-programme'Development of the sub-sector of livestock production, processing andmerchandising of livestock products' of the programme. Therefore, thisparticular programme has been used for the calculation of the affectedtariff lines. Concretely, as a decision variable has been used the factthat among the expected direct result of this sub-programme is anincrease of the breeding stock of sheep and goats, as well as the supplyof sheep and goat milk. These particular goods have been used toidentify the potentially affected tariff lines under Resolution No.225-p.