In November 2014, the government of Indonesia announced an alteration to its import prohibitions.



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Inception date: 19 Nov 2014 | Removal date: open ended
Still in force

Import ban

On 19 November 2014, the Indonesian Director General of Fishery Product Processing and Marketing passed decree 125/KEP-DJP2HP/2014, introducing the import of only certain fishery products under specific conditions
In order to be eligible for imports, the fishery products must:

  1. 'not exist in Indonesian waters and/or is not produced in Indonesia according to the required standard/specification';
  2. have 'limited supply and 'are' highly influenced by season';
  3. be 'not domestically available and/or limited in number.'

According to the annex of the decree, the allowed fishery products include raw materials for sardine and (jack and horse) mackerel fishing, all raw materials for fish processing aimed at re-exports (i.e. not consumption in Indonesia), traditional processing raw materials in preserved forms for salmons and mackerels. The list also includes 'specific fortification/enrichment raw materials' for the production of inter alia fish oil, alginate and shrimp flours as well as fish imports for consumption in the F&B industry of salmon, trout, halibut, cod, lobster, giant shrimp, squid and other fish types not available in the Indonesian waters.
Given that no such restricted list of allowed fishery products existed prior to the announcement of this decree, the affected tariff lines are compiled based on those fishery products not mentioned in the annex, as they de facto face an import ban.
The decree came into force on the day of its announcement.
On 22 January 2015, the Director General updated the list of fishery products allowed for imports. Given that only the raw materials for the fishing of the Atlantic, Pacific and short mackerels were added, the measure at hand remains classified as implemented.