In August 2014, the government of France announced a change in the required local operations to serve domestic customers.



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Journal Officiel de la R?publique Fran?aise (JORF) n?0181, 07.08.2015, Loi n? 2015-990 du 6 ao?t 2015 pour la croissance, l'activit? et l'?galit? des chances ?conomiques, in French:

Inception date: 07 Aug 2015 | Removal date: open ended

Local operations

On August 6th, 2015, the French president promulgated a law on growth and economic activity, the 'Loi n° 2015-990 du 6 aoűt 2015 pour la croissance, l'activité et l'égalité des chances économiques', also known as Macron Law.
Negative investment measure in bus transportation industry
The market for bus and coach services is liberalised. However, a distinction is made between firms established in France and firms located abroad.
Article 5(1) states that only firms established within France are allowed to act as long-distance service providers.
According to article 6(1), firms located abroad are allowed to provide long-distance services between two French cities only in case this national service is part of an international service and only if the main service remains the international one.
Expanded scope of defending national interest 
Article 186 modified Ruling (Ordonnance) n° 2014-948 dated August 20th, 2014. Those modifications lead to a strengthening, under certain conditions, of the rights of the State as shareholder if national interests (civil order, public health, public safety, national defence) are at stake.
Localisation requirement for French cargo industry
Article 285 states that renting a cargo ship with crew from an undertaking not established in France is prohibited for a company established in France.
Opening of the job market of legal professions to other EEA member states
Moreover, several articles (see articles 63, 67, 68) relate to the legal professions, making a distinction between residents of the member states of the European Union, of the states parties to the European Economic Area and of the Swiss Confederation on one hand and people who do not meet one of those requirements on the other hand.
This law was published in the French Official Journal on August 7th, 2015.