Inception date: 01 Jan 2016 | Removal date: open ended
Still in force

Production subsidy

 On 7 October 2015, the Indonesian government announced the third stimulus package within a month (cf. Related Measures) aimed at boosting the slowing economy and the country's weakening currency.
Subsidised commodity prices
The package included subsidised gas prices for the fertilizer industry of 7 USD instead of 9 USD per million British thermal unit starting 1 January 2016 - which shall later be expanded to other sectors as well (the ones mentioned in the press release: petrochemical, ceramics).
Further the tariffs on electricity will be reduced for companies using it between 11pm and 8am. Companies may also apply for a delay in paying 40% of the electricity bill for this year's first 6 or 10 months. This will be offered to companies in labour-intensive industries or facing strong competition.
Other steps not relevant to the Global Trade Alert
The government also announced a reduction an expansion of the SME loans programme ("KUR") to small families with a stable income, granting leasehold rights to street vendors (which until now usually operated illegally and were not eligible for the KUR programme), as well as a reduction in the diesel prices. The package also included simplified licensing regulations for aquiring land for investment activities.
Similarly to the first two reform packages, this measure is classified as amber and not implemented, as it is the announcement of a vast number of policy changes to occur in the coming months. The actual changes can be found in the Related Measures section.