Simon J. Evenett & Johannes Fritz | 12 Nov 2015

The G20’s principal task of reviving global economic growth has never been easy – it is harder now that world trade is contracting. World trade growth isn’t slowing down – the latest available monthly data compiled for this report suggests that it has been falling in volume and value terms through 2015. On average G20 exports have fallen 4.5% since world trade peaked in value in October 2014.

The 18th report of the Global Trade Alert, published in advance of the G20 Leaders Summit in Antalya, Turkey, uses the latest available data on trade flows and on protectionism:   

  • to highlight the extent of falling world trade,
  • to critically evaluate leading explanations for recent global trade dynamics,
  • to demonstrate the marked increase in resort to protectionism in 2015,
  • and to identify plausible policy initiatives that the G20 should pursue during the coming Chinese Presidency.


Release date: 12 November 2015