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Inception date: 16 Mar 2017 | Removal date: open ended
Still in force

State loan

On March 16, 2017, the Ministry of Production of Argentina announced that SMEs would be able to apply for subsidized credit with a total value of circa USD 128.7 million (ARS 2000 million). The purpose of the new fund is to promote new investments and the acquisition of new capital goods. According to the ministry, these loans include an interest rate subsidy of  4 to 6 percentage points, leaving a final interest rate ranging between 13% and 15%. Individual companies can obtain credit lines of up to ARS 10 million (USD 643,457).

In order to apply for the loans, companies must obtain at least 5 points which depend on the number of employees, the size of the company, its export activity, and if they already enjoy another loan.




531 Buildings
532 Civil engineering works
541 General construction services of buildings
542 General construction services of civil engineering works
543 Site preparation services
544 Assembly & erection of prefabricated constructions
545 Special trade construction services
546 Installation services
547 Building completion & finishing services
611 Wholesale trade services, except on a fee or contract basis
612 Wholesale trade services on a fee or contract basis
621 Non-specialized store retail trade services
622 Specialized store retail trade services
623 Mail order or Internet retail trade services
624 Other non-store retail trade services
625 Retail trade services on a fee or contract basis
631 Accommodation services for visitors
632 Other accommodation services for visitors & others
633 Food serving services
634 Beverage serving services
651 Land transport services of freight
652 Water transport services of freight
653 Air & space transport services of freight
660 Rental services of transport vehicles with operators
671 Cargo handling services
672 Storage & warehousing services
673 Supporting services for railway transport
674 Supporting services for road transport
675 Supporting services for water transport
676 Supporting services for air or space transport
679 Other supporting transport services
680 Postal & courier services
691 Electricity & gas distribution (on own account)
692 Water distribution (on own account)
721 Real estate services involving own or leased property
722 Real estate services on a fee or contract basis
731 Leasing or rental services concerning machinery & equipment
732 Leasing or rental services concerning other goods
733 Licensing services for the right to use intellectual property
811 Research & development in natural sciences & engineering
812 Research & development in social sciences & humanities
813 Interdisciplinary research & development
814 Research & development originals
841 Telephony & other telecommunications services
842 Internet telecommunications services
843 On-line content
844 News agency services
845 Library & archive services
846 Broadcasting, programming & programme distribution services
871 Maintenance services of fabricated metal products & machinery
872 Repair services of other goods
873 Installation services (other than construction)
931 Human health services
932 Residential care services for the elderly & disabled
933 Other social services with accommodation
934 Social services without accommodation
935 Other social services without accommodation
941 Sewerage, sewage treatment & septic tank cleaning services
942 Waste collection services
943 Waste treatment & disposal services
944 Remediation services
945 Sanitation & similar services
949 Other environmental protection services n.e.c.
951 Services furnished by employers & professional organizations
952 Services furnished by trade unions
959 Services furnished by other membership organizations
961 Audiovisual & related services
962 Performing arts & other live entertainment event presentation
963 Services of performing & other artists
964 Museum & preservation services
965 Sports & recreational sports services
966 Services of athletes & related support services
969 Other amusement & recreational services
971 Washing, cleaning & dyeing services
972 Beauty & physical well-being services
973 Funeral, cremation & undertaking services
979 Other miscellaneous services

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