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Inception date: 21 Oct 2016 | Removal date: open ended
Still in force

Import licensing requirement

The Ministry of Production of Argentina adopted Resolution 301-E/2016 on October 21, 2016, eliminating 21 eight-digits tariff lines from the list of goods subject to non-automatic import licenses.




412 Products of iron or steel
7219 Flatrolled products of stainless steel, of a width of 600 mm or more.
721934 Of a thickness of 0.5 mm or more but not exceeding 1 mm
415 Unfinished products of copper, nickel, aluminium, lead, zinc or tin
7408 Copper wire.
740819 Other
7604 Aluminium bars, rods and profiles.
760429 Other
429 Other fabricated metal products
8205 Hand tools (including glaziers' diamonds), not elsewhere specified or included; blow lamps; vices, clamps and the like, other than accessories for and parts of, machine tools; anvils; portable forges; hand or pedaloperated grinding wheels with frameworks
820559 Other
8207 Interchangeable tools for hand tools, whether or not power operated, or for machinetools (for example, for pressing, stamping, punching, tapping, threading, drilling, boring, broaching, milling, turning or screw driving), including dies for drawing or e
820730 Tools for pressing, stamping or punching
820790 Other interchangeable tools
432 Pumps, compressors, hydraulic & pneumatic power engines; parts
8413 Pumps for liquids, whether or not fitted with a measuring device; liquid elevators.
841330 Fuel, lubricating or cooling medium pumps for internal combustion piston engines
841370 Other centrifugal pumps
8481 Taps, cocks, valves and similar appliances for pipes, boiler shells, tanks, vats or the like, including pressurereducing valves and thermostatically controlled valves.
848180 Other appliances
439 Other general-purpose machinery & parts
8424 Mechanical appliances (whether or not handoperated) for projecting, dispersing or spraying liquids or powders; fire extinguishers, whether or not charged; spray guns and similar appliances; steam or sand blasting machines and similar jet projecting machi
842430 Steam or sand blasting machines and similar jet projecting machines
442 Machine-tools & parts
8456 Machinetools for working any material by removal of material, by laser or other light or photon beam, ultrasonic, electro discharge, electrochemical, electron beam, ionicbeam or plasma arc processes; waterjet cutting machines.
845690 Other
8457 Machining centres, unit construction machines (single station) and multistation transfer machines, for working metal.
845710 Machining centres
8515 Electric (including electrically heated gas), laser or other light or photon beam, ultrasonic, electron beam, magnetic pulse or plasma arc soldering, brazing or welding machines and apparatus, whether or not capable of cutting; electric machines and appar
851590 Parts
448 Domestic appliances & parts
8414 Air or vacuum pumps, air or other gas compressors and fans; ventilating or recycling hoods incorporating a fan, whether or not fitted with filters.
841451 Table, floor, wall, window, ceiling or roof fans, with a self contained electric motor of an output not exceeding 125 W
8516 Electric instantaneous or storage water heaters and immersion heaters; electric space heating apparatus and soil heating apparatus; electrothermic hairdressing apparatus (for example, hair dryers, hair curlers, curling tong heaters) and hand dryers; ele
851660 Other ovens; cookers, cooking plates, boiling rings, grillers and roasters
449 Other special-purpose machinery & parts
8477 Machinery for working rubber or plastics or for the manufacture of products from these materials, not specified or included elsewhere in this Chapter.
847710 Injectionmoulding machines
461 Electric motors, generators & transformers; parts
8501 Electric motors and generators (excluding generating sets).
850120 Universal AC/DC motors of an output exceeding 37.5 W
481 Medical & surgical equipment & orthopaedic appliances
9018 Instruments and appliances used in medical, surgical, dental or veterinary sciences, including scintigraphic apparatus, other electromedical apparatus and sighttesting instruments.
901831 Syringes, with or without needles

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