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Inception date: 15 Jul 2017 | Removal date: open ended
Still in force

Import tariff

The Malaysian government decreased the import duty on the following goods:

  • Optically clear free-film adhesives and optically clear curable liquid adhesives of a kind used solely or principally for the manufacture of flat panel displays or touch-sensitive screen panels (HS code subheading 3506.99.00.10) from 25% to 22%
  • Flashlight materials and other (HS code subheading 3707.90.10.00 and 3707.90.90.00) from 16% to 13%
  • Printed matter which grants the right to access, install, reproduce, or otherwise use software (including games), data, internet content (HS code subheading 4911.99.90.10) from 20% to 15%
  • Certain loudspeakers, other headphones and earphones, audio-frequency electric amplifiers and electric sound amplifier sets (Hs code subheading 8518.21.10.00, 8518.21.90.00, 8518.22.10.00, 8518.22.90.00, 8518.30.59.00, 8518.30.90.00, 8518.40.20.00, 8518.40.30.00, 8518.40.40.00, 8518.40.90.00, 8518.50.10.00, 8518.50.20.00 and 8518.50.90.00) from 15% to 13%
  • Compact disc players and other sound reproducing apparatus (HS code subheading 8519.81.30.00 and 8519.89.90.30) from 7% to 5%
  • Certain non-portable radio-broadcast receivers apparatus combined with sound recording or reproducing apparatus, certain radio-broadcast receivers capable of receiving and decoding digital radio data system signals and/or mains operated (HS code subheading 8527.13.90.00, 8527.19.90.00, 8527.21.00.10, 8527.29.00.00, 8527.92.20.00 and 8527.99.20.00) from 15% to 10%
  • Certain non-portable radio-broadcast receivers apparatus combined with sound recording or reproducing apparatus (HS code subheading 8527.91.90.00) from 11% to 7%
  • Certain Monitors and projectors with colour or monochrome (HS code subheading 8528.49.10.00 and 8528.49.20.00) from 18% to 12%
  • Set top boxes which have a communication function, mains operated and certain other reception apparatus for television, mains operated (HS code 8528.71.11.00 and 8528.71.91.00) from 22% to 15%
  • Other apparatus for protecting electrical circuits including lightning arresters and certain switches (HS code subheading 8536.30.10.00, 8536.30.90.00, 8536.50.33.00, 8536.50.40.00, 8536.50.51.00, 8536.50.61.00 and 8536.50.99.20) from 13% to 11%
  • Cold-cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) for backlighting of flat panel displays (HS code 8539.39.30.10) from 12% to 10%
  • Certain other apparatus and equipment for photographic laboratories; negatoscopes (HS code subheading 9010.50.10.00 and 9010.50.90.00) from 17% to 15%
  • Water meter housings or bodies (HS code subheading 9028.90.10.00) 21% to 18%
  • Certain other pintables or slot machines (HS code subheading 9504.30.10.90) from 26% to 22%




326 Stamps, banknotes, stock certificates, brochures & leaflets
4911 Other printed matter, including printed pictures and photographs.
491199 Other
354 Chemical products n.e.c.
3506 Prepared glues and other prepared adhesives, not elsewhere specified or included; products suitable for use as glues or adhesives, put up for retail sale as glues or adhesives, not exceeding a net weight of 1 kg.
350699 Other
385 Games & toys
9504 Video game consoles and machines, articles for funfair, table or parlour games, including pintables, billiards, special tables for casino games and automatic bowling alley equipment.
950430 Other games, operated by coins, banknotes, bank cards, tokens or by any other means of payment, other than automatic bowling alley equipment
462 Electricity distribution & control apparatus; parts
8536 Electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits, or for making connections to or in electrical circuits (for example, switches, relays, fuses, surge suppressors, plugs, sockets, lampholders and other connectors, junction boxes), for
853630 Other apparatus for protecting electrical circuits
853650 Other switches
465 Electric filament or discharge lamps; lighting equipment; parts
8539 Electric filament or discharge lamps, including sealed beam lamp units and ultraviolet or infrared lamps; arclamps.
853939 Other
473 Broadcast recording apparatus; microphones, loudspeakers, etc.
8518 Microphones and stands therefor; loudspeakers, whether or not mounted in their enclosures; headphones and earphones, whether or not combined with a microphone, and sets consisting of a microphone and one or more loudspeakers; audio frequency electric amp
851821 Single loudspeakers, mounted in their enclosures
851822 Multiple loudspeakers, mounted in the same enclosure
851830 Headphones and earphones, whether or not combined with a microphone, and sets consisting of a microphone and one or more loudspeakers
851840 Audiofrequency electric amplifiers
851850 Electric sound amplifier sets
8519 Sound recording or reproducing apparatus.
851981 Using magnetic, optical or semiconductor media
851989 Other
8527 Reception apparatus for radiobroadcasting, whether or not combined, in the same housing, with sound recording or reproducing apparatus or a clock.
852713 Other apparatus combined with sound recording or reproducing apparatus
852719 Other
852721 Combined with sound recording or reproducing apparatus
852729 Other
852791 Combined with sound recording or reproducing apparatus
852792 Not combined with sound recording or reproducing apparatus but combined with a clock
852799 Other
8528 Monitors and projectors, not incorporating television reception apparatus; reception apparatus for television, whether or not incorporating radiobroadcast receivers or sound or video recording or reproducing apparatus.
852871 Not designed to incorporate a video display or screen
482 Instruments & control equipment, except optical instruments
9028 Gas, liquid or electricity supply or production meters, including calibrating meters therefor.
902890 Parts and accessories
483 Optical instruments & photographic equipment; parts thereof
3707 Chemical preparations for photographic uses (other than varnishes, glues, adhesives and similar preparations); unmixed products for photographic uses, put up in measured portions or put up for retail sale in a form ready for use.
370790 Other

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