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Inception date: 07 Nov 2011 | Removal date: 22 Jan 2022
Still in force

Tax or social insurance relief

Exempted in the obligation of paying contributions towards the following social insurance schemes and taxes in Brazil: Industrialized Products (IPI), PIS/PASEP as well as COFINS contributions.

The stated reductions are to remain in place until the 22 January 2022.




282 Wearing apparel, except fur apparel
6116 Gloves, mittens and mitts, knitted or crocheted.
611610 Impregnated, coated or covered with plastics or rubber
611692 Of cotton
611693 Of synthetic fibres
6201 Men's or boys' overcoats, carcoats, capes, cloaks, anoraks (including skijackets), windcheaters, windjackets and similar articles, other than those of heading 62.03.
620112 Of cotton
620113 Of manmade fibres
620192 Of cotton
620193 Of manmade fibres
6202 Women's or girls' overcoats, carcoats, capes, cloaks, anoraks (including skijackets), windcheaters, windjackets and similar articles, other than those of heading 62.04.
620212 Of cotton
620213 Of manmade fibres
620292 Of cotton
620293 Of manmade fibres
6203 Men's or boys' suits, ensembles, jackets, blazers, trousers, bib and brace overalls, breeches and shorts (other than swimwear).
620311 Of wool or fine animal hair
620312 Of synthetic fibres
620323 Of synthetic fibres
620332 Of cotton
620333 Of synthetic fibres
620342 Of cotton
620343 Of synthetic fibres
6204 Women's or girls' suits, ensembles, jackets, blazers, dresses, skirts, divided skirts, trousers, bib and brace overalls, breeches and shorts (other than swimwear).
620422 Of cotton
620423 Of synthetic fibres
620432 Of cotton
620433 Of synthetic fibres
620442 Of cotton
620443 Of synthetic fibres
620444 Of artificial fibres
620449 Of other textile materials
620452 Of cotton
620462 Of cotton
620463 Of synthetic fibres
620469 Of other textile materials
429 Other fabricated metal products
7616 Other articles of aluminium.
761610 Nails, tacks, staples (other than those of heading 83.05), screws, bolts, nuts, screw hooks, rivets, cotters, cotterpins, washers and similar articles
761699 Other
435 Lifting & handling equipment & parts
8428 Other lifting, handling, loading or unloading machinery (for example, lifts, escalators, conveyors, teleferics).
842810 Lifts and skip hoists
842820 Pneumatic elevators and conveyors
842833 Other, belt type
842839 Other
842840 Escalators and moving walkways
842860 Teleferics, chairlifts, skidraglines; traction mechanisms for funiculars
842890 Other machinery
442 Machine-tools & parts
8460 Machinetools for deburring, sharpening, grinding, honing, lapping, polishing or otherwise finishing metal or cermets by means of grinding stones, abrasives or polishing products, other than gear cutting, gear grinding or gear finishing machines of headin
846019 Other
846021 Numerically controlled
846031 Numerically controlled
846090 Other
8462 Machinetools (including presses) for working metal by forging, hammering or diestamping; machinetools (including presses) for working metal by bending, folding, straightening, flattening, shearing, punching or notching; presses for working metal or met
846210 Forging or diestamping machines (including presses) and hammers
846221 Numerically controlled
846229 Other
846231 Numerically controlled
846239 Other
846241 Numerically controlled
846249 Other
846291 Hydraulic presses
846299 Other
8464 Machinetools for working stone, ceramics, concrete, asbestos cement or like mineral materials or for cold working glass.
846410 Sawing machines
846420 Grinding or polishing machines
846490 Other
8515 Electric (including electrically heated gas), laser or other light or photon beam, ultrasonic, electron beam, magnetic pulse or plasma arc soldering, brazing or welding machines and apparatus, whether or not capable of cutting; electric machines and appar
851511 Soldering irons and guns
851521 Fully or partly automatic
851531 Fully or partly automatic
851539 Other
851580 Other machines and apparatus
851590 Parts
471 Electronic valves & tubes; electronic components; parts
8534 Printed circuits.
853400 Printed circuits.
8542 Electronic integrated circuits.
854290 Parts
482 Instruments & control equipment, except optical instruments
9024 Machines and appliances for testing the hardness, strength, compressibility, elasticity or other mechanical properties of materials (for example, metals, wood, textiles, paper, plastics).
902410 Machines and appliances for testing metals
902480 Other machines and appliances
902490 Parts and accessories
9031 Measuring or checking instruments, appliances and machines, not specified or included elsewhere in this Chapter; profile projectors.
903190 Parts and accessories

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