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Sanitary and phytosanitary measure

Japan is currently reviewing its standards and specifications for foods and food additives under its Food Sanitation Law. It is expected to result in a list of new maximum residual levels (MRL) for the following substances: imicyafos, pyrasulfotole, destomycin A and terdecamycin.
The imported products implicated by this review are stated in a notification by Japan to the WTO and include: Meat and edible meat offal; Dairy and eggs; Edible vegetables and certain roots and tubers; Edible fruits; and Cereals.
The motivation for this review were two major food scandals in Japan in 2008, the second of which resulted in the resignation of Japan's agriculture minister. Consequently, food labelling laws were toughened in Japan and a review of food sanitation law promised.




011 Cereals
1001 Wheat and meslin.
100119 Other
100199 Other
1002 Rye.
100290 Other
1003 Barley.
100390 Other
1004 Oats.
100490 Other
1007 Grain sorghum.
100790 Other
1008 Buckwheat, millet and canary seeds; other cereals.
100810 Buckwheat
100829 Other
012 Vegetables
0702 Tomatoes, fresh or chilled.
070200 Tomatoes, fresh or chilled.
0706 Carrots, turnips, salad beetroot, salsify, celeriac, radishes and similar edible roots, fresh or chilled.
070610 Carrots and turnips
070690 Other
0709 Other vegetables, fresh or chilled.
070920 Asparagus
070940 Celery other than celeriac
070959 Other
070960 Fruits of the genus Capsicum or of the genus Pimenta
070993 Pumpkins, squash and gourds (Cucurbita spp.)
070999 Other
0807 Melons (including watermelons) and papaws (papayas), fresh.
080719 Other
013 Fruits & nuts
0807 Melons (including watermelons) and papaws (papayas), fresh.
080720 Papaws (papayas)
0810 Other fruit, fresh.
081010 Strawberries
081020 Raspberries, blackberries, mulberries and loganberries
081040 Cranberries, bilberries and other fruits of the genus Vaccinium
081050 Kiwifruit
081090 Other
015 Edible roots & tubers with high starch or inulin content
0714 Manioc, arrowroot, salep, Jerusalem artichokes, sweet potatoes and similar roots and tubers with high starch or inulin content, fresh, chilled, frozen or dried, whether or not sliced or in the form of pellets; sago pith.
071410 Manioc (cassava)
071420 Sweet potatoes
071430 Yams (Dioscorea spp.)
071440 Taro (Colocasia spp.)
071490 Other
023 Eggs of hens or other birds in shell, fresh
0407 Birds' eggs, in shell, fresh, preserved or cooked.
040711 Of fowls of the species Gallus domesticus
040721 Of fowls of the species Gallus domesticus
211 Meat & meat products
0201 Meat of bovine animals, fresh or chilled.
020130 Boneless
0202 Meat of bovine animals, frozen.
020220 Other cuts with bone in
020230 Boneless
0203 Meat of swine, fresh, chilled or frozen.
020312 Hams, shoulders and cuts thereof, with bone in
020319 Other
020322 Hams, shoulders and cuts thereof, with bone in
020329 Other
0204 Meat of sheep or goats, fresh, chilled or frozen.
020422 Other cuts with bone in
020423 Boneless
020430 Carcasses and halfcarcasses of lamb, frozen
020441 Carcasses and halfcarcasses
020442 Other cuts with bone in
020443 Boneless
0205 Meat of horses, asses, mules or hinnies, fresh, chilled or frozen.
020500 Meat of horses, asses, mules or hinnies, fresh, chilled or frozen.
0206 Edible offal of bovine animals, swine, sheep, goats, horses, asses, mules or hinnies, fresh, chilled or frozen.
020610 Of bovine animals, fresh or chilled
020621 Tongues
020622 Livers
020629 Other
020649 Other
0207 Meat and edible offal, of the poultry of heading 01.05, fresh, chilled or frozen.
020712 Not cut in pieces, frozen
020714 Cuts and offal, frozen
020727 Cuts and offal, frozen
020743 Fatty livers, fresh or chilled
020744 Other, fresh or chilled
020745 Other, frozen
020753 Fatty livers, fresh or chilled
020755 Other, frozen
0208 Other meat and edible meat offal, fresh, chilled or frozen.
020840 Of whales, dolphins and porpoises (mammals of the order Cetacea); of manatees and dugongs (mammals of the order Sirenia); of seals, sea lions and walruses (mammals of the suborder Pinnipedia)
020890 Other
213 Prepared & preserved vegetables, pulses & potatoes
0710 Vegetables (uncooked or cooked by steaming or boiling in water), frozen.
071010 Potatoes
071021 Peas (Pisum sativum)
071022 Beans (Vigna spp., Phaseolus spp.)
071029 Other
071030 Spinach, New Zealand spinach and orache spinach (garden spinach)
071040 Sweet corn
071080 Other vegetables
071090 Mixtures of vegetables
0712 Dried vegetables, whole, cut, sliced, broken or in powder, but not further prepared.
071220 Onions
071232 Wood ears (Auricularia spp.)
071239 Other
071290 Other vegetables; mixtures of vegetables
214 Prepared & preserved fruits & nuts
0811 Fruit and nuts, uncooked or cooked by steaming or boiling in water, frozen, whether or not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter.
081110 Strawberries
081120 Raspberries, blackberries, mulberries, loganberries, black, white or red currants and gooseberries
081190 Other
0813 Fruit, dried, other than that of headings 08.01 to 08.06; mixtures of nuts or dried fruits of this Chapter.
081310 Apricots
081320 Prunes
081340 Other fruit
215 Animal fats
0209 Pig fat, free of lean meat, and poultry fat, not rendered or otherwise extracted, fresh, chilled, frozen, salted, in brine, dried or smoked.
020910 Of pigs
239 Food products n.e.c.
0408 Birds' eggs, not in shell, and egg yolks, fresh, dried, cooked by steaming or by boiling in water, moulded, frozen or otherwise preserved, whether or not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter.
040811 Dried
040819 Other
040891 Dried
040899 Other

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