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Inception date: 29 Oct 2013 | Removal date: open ended

Trade finance

Official press reports of the state Eximbank of Russia dated 26 and 27 November 2014 report that the Government of the Russian Federation issued a state guarantee (320 million USD) and an export loan (195.2 million USD) that made possible the realisation of an export deal of the Russian energy holding company Inter RAO Export related to the modernisation of a combined cycle power plant "Termogas Machala" in Ecuador.

The Russian Government has provided the state guarantee on 24 November 2014 to Eximbank of Russia in relation to an export loan (195.2 million USD, accorded on state level in autumn 2013), issued by a syndicate of Russian banks to the Ecuadorian state energy company CELEC EP for financing of up to 85% of the contract for modernisation of a combined cycle power plant "Termogas Machala" with capacity 308 MWt in Ecuador. The syndicate of Russian banks consists of Vnesheconombank, Gazprombank and Eximbank of Russia. The main lending bank in the power plant project is Vnesheconombank. It participates with 140 million in the financing; Eximbank of Russia is the leading bank, the collateral bank, as well as the payment agent. Due to the lack of information concerning the date of which each bank joined the financing syndicate, while Eximbank of Russia signed the credit agreement with CELEC EP on 29 October 2013 as part of the official visit of the Ecuadorian President in Russia, the GTA indicates this date as an inception date.




423 Steam generators, (except central heating boilers) & parts
8402 Steam or other vapour generating boilers (other than central heating hot water boilers capable also of producing low pressure steam); superheated water boilers.
840211 Watertube boilers with a steam production exceeding 45 t per hour
840212 Watertube boilers with a steam production not exceeding 45 t per hour
840219 Other vapour generating boilers, including hybrid boilers
840290 Parts
8404 Auxiliary plant for use with boilers of heading 84.02 or 84.03 (for example, economisers, superheaters, soot removers, gas recoverers); condensers for steam or other vapour power units.
840410 Auxiliary plant for use with boilers of heading 84.02 or 84.03
840490 Parts
435 Lifting & handling equipment & parts
8425 Pulley tackle and hoists other than skip hoists; winches and capstans; jacks.
842511 Powered by electric motor
842531 Powered by electric motor
842539 Other
842542 Other jacks and hoists, hydraulic
842549 Other
461 Electric motors, generators & transformers; parts
8504 Electrical transformers, static converters (for example, rectifiers) and inductors.
850410 Ballasts for discharge lamps or tubes
850421 Having a power handling capacity not exceeding 650 kVA
850422 Having a power handling capacity exceeding 650 kVA but not exceeding 10,000 kVA
850423 Having a power handling capacity exceeding 10,000 kVA
850431 Having a power handling capacity not exceeding 1 kVA
850432 Having a power handling capacity exceeding 1 kVA but not exceeding 16 kVA
850433 Having a power handling capacity exceeding 16 kVA but not exceeding 500 kVA
850434 Having a power handling capacity exceeding 500 kVA
850440 Static converters
850450 Other inductors
850490 Parts
462 Electricity distribution & control apparatus; parts
8535 Electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits, or for making connections to or in electrical circuits (for example, switches, fuses, lightning arresters, voltage limiters, surge suppressors, plugs and other connectors, junction boxe
853510 Fuses
853521 For a voltage of less than 72.5 kV
853529 Other
853530 Isolating switches and makeandbreak switches
853540 Lightning arresters, voltage limiters and surge suppressors
853590 Other
8537 Boards, panels, consoles, desks, cabinets and other bases, equipped with two or more apparatus of heading 85.35 or 85.36, for electric control or the distribution of electricity, including those incorporating instruments or apparatus of Chapter 90, and nu
853710 For a voltage not exceeding 1,000 V
853720 For a voltage exceeding 1,000 V
482 Instruments & control equipment, except optical instruments
9032 Automatic regulating or controlling instruments and apparatus.
903210 Thermostats
903220 Manostats
903281 Hydraulic or pneumatic
903289 Other
903290 Parts and accessories

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