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Inception date: 12 Dec 2012 | Removal date: open ended

Labour market access

On 12 December 2012, the Central Government of the People's Republic of China released the 'Measures on the Application of Relevant Treatment of Foreigners with Permanent Residence in China' with the purpose of attracting more foreign talents. In accordance with the above Measures, foreigners with Permanent Residence Permits (PRP) conferred by Chinese authorities will enjoy more favorable treatments, as outlined below:
1. Except for a selected number of specific rights and obligations, foreigners with PRP enjoy the same rights and bear the same obligations as Chinese citizens.
2. Holders of a PRP can enter and exit China with a valid passport without any restriction on the period of stay. In addition, their next-of-kins are allowed to apply for a visa, residence certificate or a PRP in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
3. Formalities of entry and exit of articles for personal use are subject to the same provisions of the Customs on settled individuals.
4. Holders of a PRP that are employed in China are exempt from applying for Employment Permit and may be given priority, if qualified, in applying for the Foreign Expert Certificate and for working residence permit.
5. Holders of a PRM may set up foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) through technology investment, and may carry out RMB-denominated FDI in China.
6. The competent authorities and departments shall increase the efficiency of and simplify the examination and approval procedures for investments of foreigners with PRP who have investment projects or establishments of FIEs in China.
7. Holders of a PRP may participate to the review of qualifications for professional technical positions.
8. Administrative departments of education at the place of residence shall conduct the entrance or transfer formalities of children accompanying a PRP holder applying the relevant policies and without charging any cost beyond the provisions of the state.
9. Foreigners may use the PRP as identity certificate to participate in all formalities concerning social insurance. Social insurance entitlement depends on the employment status of the individual. Social insurance agencies shall simplify processes and provide convenience for foreign personnel conducting the transfer, connection and termination procedures of foreign social insurance relationship.
10. Holders of a PRP may have access to the housing provident fund.
11. Holders of a PRP may, in accordance with other regulations, buy commercial housing for self-use or self-living in China.
12. Holders of a PRP shall fulfill their income tax liabilities in accordance with tax treaties and tax laws and regulations in China.
13. Foreigners may use the PRP as identity certificate for conducting financial transactions and they are subject to the same right and obligations as Chinese citizens.
14. Holders of a PRP may remit abroad the income earned in China, after having paid their tax liabilities and converted it into foreign currency.
15. Holders of a PRP acting as consumers enjoy equal treatment as Chinese citizens.
16. Foreigners may use the PRP as valid identity document for traveling in the country.
17. Holders of a PRP are entitled to the same treatment as Chinese citizens when applying for a motor vehicle driver's license and or for the registration of a motor vehicle.
18. Holders of a PRP enjoy fast proceeding for the recovery or the acquisition of Chinese nationality.



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