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Inception date: 01 Jan 2016 | Removal date: open ended
Still in force

Import tariff

Algeria decreased the average MFN tariff rate of 49 6-digit HS product categories in 2016 compared to the previous year available in the WTO Tariff Download Facility.




011 Cereals
1008 Buckwheat, millet and canary seeds; other cereals.
014 Oilseeds & oleaginous fruits
1206 Sunflower seeds, whether or not broken.
120600 Sunflower seeds, whether or not broken.
016 Stimulant, spice & aromatic crops
0909 Seeds of anise, badian, fennel, coriander, cumin or caraway; juniper berries.
090961 Neither crushed nor ground
032 Non-wood forest products
1404 Vegetable products not elsewhere specified or included.
140490 Other
154 Clays
2507 Kaolin and other kaolinic clays, whether or not calcined.
250700 Kaolin and other kaolinic clays, whether or not calcined.
2508 Other clays (not including expanded clays of heading 68.06), andalusite, kyanite and sillimanite, whether or not calcined; mullite; chamotte or dinas earths.
250840 Other clays
212 Prepared & preserved fish, crustaceans, molluscs
0303 Fish, frozen, excluding fish fillets and other fish meat of heading 03.04.
030341 Albacore or longfinned tunas (Thunnus alalunga)
216 Vegetable oils
1516 Animal or vegetable fats and oils and their fractions, partly or wholly hydrogenated, interesterified, reesterified or elaidinised, whether or not refined, but not further prepared.
151620 Vegetable fats and oils and their fractions
264 Textile yarn & thread of man-made filaments or staple fibres
5401 Sewing thread of manmade filaments, whether or not put up for retail sale.
540110 Of synthetic filaments
321 Pulp, paper & paperboard
4811 Paper, paperboard, cellulose wadding and webs of cellulose fibres, coated, impregnated, covered, surfacecoloured, surface decorated or printed, in rolls or rectangular (including square) sheets, of any size, other than goods of the kind described in hea
481190 Other paper, paperboard, cellulose wadding and webs of cellulose fibres
342 Basic inorganic chemicals n.e.c.
2828 Hypochlorites; commercial calcium hypochlorite; chlorites; hypobromites.
282890 Other
346 Fertilizers & pesticides
3808 Insecticides, rodenticides, fungicides, herbicides, antisprouting products and plantgrowth regulators, disinfectants and similar products, put up in forms or packings for retail sale or as preparations or articles (for example, sulphurtreated bands, wi
380893 Herbicides, antisprouting products and plantgrowth regulators
352 Pharmaceutical products
3004 Medicaments (excluding goods of heading 30.02, 30.05 or 30.06) consisting of mixed or unmixed products for therapeutic or prophylactic uses, put up in measured doses (including those in the form of transdermal administration systems) or in forms or packin
300450 Other medicaments containing vitamins or other products of heading 29.36
353 Soap, cleaning preparations, perfumes & toilet preparations
3401 Soap; organic surfaceactive products and preparations for use as soap, in the form of bars, cakes, moulded pieces or shapes, whether or not containing soap; organic surfaceactive products and preparations for washing the skin, in the form of liquid or c
340120 Soap in other forms
369 Other plastics products
3926 Other articles of plastics and articles of other materials of headings 39.01 to 39.14.
392690 Other
411 Basic iron & steel
7207 Semifinished products of iron or nonalloy steel.
720711 Of rectangular (including square) crosssection, the width measuring less than twice the thickness
720712 Other, of rectangular (other than square) crosssection
720719 Other
429 Other fabricated metal products
7326 Other articles of iron or steel.
732620 Articles of iron or steel wire
481 Medical & surgical equipment & orthopaedic appliances
9018 Instruments and appliances used in medical, surgical, dental or veterinary sciences, including scintigraphic apparatus, other electromedical apparatus and sighttesting instruments.
901839 Other
491 Motor vehicles, trailers & semi-trailers; parts
8701 Tractors (other than tractors of heading 87.09).
870120 Road tractors for semitrailers
8703 Motor cars and other motor vehicles principally designed for the transport of persons (other than those of heading 87.02), including station wagons and racing cars.
870321 Of a cylinder capacity not exceeding 1,000 cc
870322 Of a cylinder capacity exceeding 1,000 cc but not exceeding 1,500 cc
870324 Of a cylinder capacity exceeding 3,000 cc
870333 Of a cylinder capacity exceeding 2,500 cc
8704 Motor vehicles for the transport of goods.
870421 g.v.w. not exceeding 5 tonnes
870422 g.v.w. exceeding 5 tonnes but not exceeding 20 tonnes
870423 g.v.w. exceeding 20 tonnes
8708 Parts and accessories of the motor vehicles of headings 87.01 to 87.05.
870840 Gear boxes and parts thereof

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