Canada: Measures in 2011 Budget to facilitate trade and revise trade-remedy laws

Measure #2214 | Published 25 Mar 2011 ▲


The Government of Canada announced on March 22, 2011 that its proposed Budget 2011 takes steps to “buil[d] on recent tariff relief efforts and emphasiz[e] Canada’s openness to trade and investment by simplifying and streamlining Canada’s trade instruments.” More specifically, the Government proposes to modernize Canada’s Customs Tariff legislation “with a view to facilitate trade and lower the administrative burden for businesses and government,” and will introduce measures to facilitate the classification of goods by importers, streamline the processing of low-value non-commercial imports, modernize customs laws to make them more user-friendly.
In another step that might either facilitate trade or do just the opposite, depending on the details, the Government also noted at the same time that it will “propose measures to ensure that Canada operates an efficient trade remedy system that provides Canadian industry with the appropriate mechanisms to address unfair trade.”

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Did the official decision-maker in question provide an explanation as to why a chosen measure was favoured over alternatives? Don't Know
Is there any evidence to suggest that potentially affected trading partners were consulted before the measures were taken? Don't Know
Is there any evidence that safeguards have been put in place to ensure that implementation of the initiative is transparent and non-discriminatory? Don't Know
Did the government state its intention to review the measure within one year of implementation? Don't Know

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