Export full data

The GTA database includes more than 10'000 records of state acts taken since November 2008. Click below to export them all into one file.

Note: You can taylor the exported data set to your needs on the country and sector pages. Scroll to the bottom of those pages to receive the subset of the database that corresponds to your filter selection. Also see latest state acts for a similar functionality.

For questions and additional information, please contact us through data@globaltradealert.org.

Methodology description

The GTA team documents a broad range of policy choices. Each state act is characterised using a taxonomy of more than a dozen variables. The classification is further supported with data on international flows of goods, services, migration and investment.

The GTA handbook describes the database structure, the assessment criteria, the interpretation of the different variables as well as the data origins.

For questions, please contact us through data@globaltradealert.org.